26 Effective Tips Based on Science for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? In this blog our assignment writers will give you 26 weight losing tips that are really very evident and scientifically tested.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water and Especially before Meals: drinking plenty of water helps to lose weight. It actually increases our metabolism rate by 25% to 30% in an hour and burns more calories.
  2. Do Exercise Regularly: exercise regularly helps to burn your calories and it improves our physical and mental health.
  3. Drink Black Coffee: black coffee is rich in antioxidants which has a lot of health benefits. It increases the metabolism rate by 3% to 10% and burns the excessive fat from our body.
  4. Surround Yourself with Healthy Food: surround yourself with healthy food so that whenever you feel hungry you don’t need to eat unhealthy or junk food.
  5. After Dinner Clean Your Teeth: this is a psychological fact if you brush your teeth after dinner, you’ll not prefer to eat any snack at late night.
  6. Eating Spicy Foods: There is some spicy food like Cayenne pepper that contains Capsaicin, it helps to boost metabolism and reduce your hunger a little bit.
  7. Have Eggs in Breakfast: Eating eggs at breakfast has a lot of benefits including weight loss.
  8. Consume More Protein: Protein is such an important nutrient that reduces the weight. High protein consumption boosts up metabolism rate and prevents obesity.
  9. Drink Green Tea: green tea contains caffeine and catechins which help to enhance fat burning. 
  10. Weight Lifting: Weight lifting helps to reduce body weight. It makes your metabolism high and prevents weight gain.
  11. Avoid Added Sugar: sugar consumption leads to diabetes, heart attack and obesity. If you want to lose weight, avoid taking sugar and sugary food.
  12. Use Coconut Oil While Cooking: coconut oil contains some special fats which metabolize differently than other fats.
  13. Count Your Calories: Eating less food besides counting calories can be an effective way to lose weight.
  14. Prefer Eating Less Refined Carbohydrates: try to avoid refined carbohydrates like white bread, flour, pasta, Maggie etc. Instead consume nutritious food. 
  15. Have Low Carbohydrate Diet: if you want to control your weight then consume a low carb diet.
  16. Take Fibrous Supplement: a fiber called glucomannan helps to reduce fats from the body. This type of fiber absorbs water and makes you feel full for a longer period of time.
  17. Take Smaller Dishes: you may think it’s a weird trick, but using smaller plates makes you feel like you consume fewer calories.
  18. Chew Slowly: in research it is found that one who chews slowly gains less weight. Chewing slowly increases the hormone production level that is linked to weight loss.
  19. Eat Fibrous Food: fiber helps to lose weight. So, try to consume more fibrous food in meals.  
  20. Consume More Vegetables and Fruits: vegetables and fruits contain few calories and plenty of fiber. These are rich in water and supply low energy density. Make your meal full of leafy green vegetables and seasonal fruits.   
  21. Take Adequate Sleep: Besides consuming healthy food and regular exercise, it is important to take adequate quantity of sleep. It helps to reduce obesity.
  22. Eat Wholesome Food: if you want to stay healthy and thin then consuming wholesome food is necessary.
  23. Beating Food Addiction: if you have any food addiction you need to beat it if you really want to keep your weight under control.
  24. Take Whey Protein Supplement: taking supplement whey protein can help you reduce your weight.
  25. Avoid Sugary Soda and Fruit Juices: sugar in liquid form is more dangerous than in solid. It is one of the main reasons for obesity. Avoiding cold drinks and fruit juices is recommended to lose weight.
  26. Instead of Maintaining Diet, Eat Healthy Food: before following diet, you should know that diet doesn’t work in the long run. Instead of that you may have healthier food.

Conclusion: hope this blog is helpful. If you want to know more may contact our assignment helper by logging to our official website.

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