5 Surprising Strippers Facts

One of the most recent findings in the field is that strippers make just as much money as lawyers, according to a recent study. In actuality, the girls who earn the most money from dancing and stripping put a lot of time and money into their profession. They no longer see stripping as a way to get something. Being a stripper has many benefits; they are not doing it merely to make quick money or because they have no other way to support themselves.

Surprising findings from a recent British study on the lives of strippers include the discovery that about one in four of them have college degrees. That is just one of many new research findings regarding individuals who make a living by stripping naked. Here’s a summary:

1. Strippers make more money when they are ovulating.

A University of New Mexico study found that strippers make $30 more per hour during their ovulation than during their menstrual cycle. Women who take the pill, who don’t typically ovulate, made significantly less money. The researchers’ claim that there was evidence that men respond to female ovulation was mocked by some critics. On the other hand, maybe a gentlemens club stripper will do sexier things when  ovulating<  do more sexy things when they are ovulation not when they are their periods.

2. Some say they make the same money as attorneys.

What is the typical income of a stripper? A recent study from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom estimates it to be about $74,000. PayScale states that that is approximately the same as the compensation of an American attorney.

3 The majority truly enjoy what they do.

Gentlemen’s club performers expressed extremely high levels of job satisfaction in the same British survey. The study found that the women were primarily affected by “career and economic choices” as opposed to drug addiction or compulsion. Since they are the ones making the money from a three-minute dance and some small talk, these young ladies do not believe the argument that they are being taken advantage of.

4 Strippers are taking advantage of Sweden.

Refusing to reveal their assets, online strippers are facing consequences from the Swedish government. In Sweden, stripteases on the internet are legal, and the government says that strippers could save as much as $5 million in taxes. In actuality, it can be challenging for the government to monitor tax compliance or confirm the income of individuals employed in non-traditional occupations.

5 There is a stripper scarcity in Canada.

Because there are so few Canadian girls ready to strip, Ontario gentlemens club owners were forced to recruit legal advisors in 2008 to discover a way to hire foreigners. Until 2004, Canadian officials would provide permits to foreign women allowing them to strip in the nation; however, a crackdown resulted in a severe stripper scarcity that continues to this day. The actions of the government have put a severe strain on the industry.

Although these facts may seem unbelievable, they are real. For an industry that still employs a large number of people, the prospect of facing the same difficulties that it does in Canada and other nations is cause for concern.

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