5 tips to help you develop the confidence to sing any type of music

All of us love music. Some of us prefer classical to pop or pop to jazz. Either way vibing to some kind of music is a pastime we all enjoy. It is no secret that we all love to sing but it is confined to the four walls of our bathrooms. 

If you want to graduate from a bathroom singer to a professional, you need to face the audience. Even the most confident people at times shiver to sing let alone perform in front of a gathering.

Perhaps you want to sing in front of an actual crowd aside from the four walls of your bathroom (or bedroom). 

Here are some simple tips to help you


Pick a genre of music that you are most familiar and comfortable with. There may be a lot of styles you might want to experiment with but for starters pick a relatively simple genre.

Warm-up increases your confidence to sing

Just as how dance requires the body to be warmed up, music requires the voice to be warmed up as well. Start off with simple breathing exercises – ‘pranayama,’ deep breathing through the mouth etc. Chanting ‘OM’ is another great way to smoothen out the gruffness in your voice. It also helps improve your breath-holding capacity. You also need to practice singing note by note and sustaining the same for a certain amount of time. Carnatic music has a set syllabus of basic lessons devised by the well-known composer Purandara Dasa. Besides, you can exercise with ‘Sarali,’ ‘Jantai,’ ‘Daattu,’ ‘Mel Sthayi Varisaigal’ and ‘Alankaram’ as well. These exercises give the singer a command over the ragam and good control over their voice. You can attempt formulating your own practice methods depending on the genre of music you pick.

But be careful not to damage your vocal cords. Any damage to your cords can ruin your singing career. It is best recommended to learn Carnatic music online from experts in the field of music. The professionals in the industry will guide you to improve your tone, voice and range. You will be put through certain paces to enhance your vocals. Learning from someone who has mastered the skills is better than self-experimenting. 


Perfect your lyrics and tune step by step. Take your time in internalizing the song and its nuances. Listen to the song multiple times to help familiarise yourself with it. 

Practice develops your confidence to sing

Set aside a specific time for your music practice. Try practicing in front of a mirror. Then try singing initially in front of a friend or a family member. Eventually singing in front of a group.

Get some honest opinions from your friends. You can join the online Indian music class where artists from all across the world learn on one platform. Here, you can interact with like-minded people and learn to deal with your fear. The best way to let the creative juices flow is through communication with your peers and teachers. 


As rightly said when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Practice diligently. Your efforts are bound to bear fruit.

A vital aspect of singing is also listening. Listen to several artists from your favourite genre and sing. Each artiste’s individuality influences their style of singing, which will give you a broader perspective of the genre. 

These pointers for sure will assist you in being able to sing any genre of music with confidence and style. 

Undoubtedly and above everything, if you wish to seek guidance, nothing better than approaching a teacher. At IndianRaga we believe in providing only the best. Join us today to learn from our experienced faculty.

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