7 Key Video Metrics To Determine Your Content’s Success

The online space is now crowded with moving images and videos. As social media becomes more exciting to explore for users, content creators face a more challenging reality to make their videos stand out in the sea of content.

From influencers to social media marketers, they must understand the key metrics for measuring video performances. Below we’ve gathered seven key video metrics to see whether your content is a success or a flop. Let’s dig into the details!

#1. View Count

Every social media platform has its measurement to define view count. Generally put, view count refers to the total number of viewers who watch your video. Below is how big social media platforms define this metric.

Facebook: counted after a user watches your video for three seconds.

YouTube: counted after a user spends 30 seconds watching your video.

Instagram: counted after a user watches your video for three seconds

TikTok: counted as soon as a user watches your video.

LinkedIn: counted after a user spends 2 seconds watching your video.

Twitter: counted after a user spends 2 seconds watching your video.

If you want to have a high view count on your analytic report, make the beginning of your video to be hyper-engaging.

#2. Play Rate

Play rate reveals how many users intentionally press the play button and watch your video. This metric doesn’t count those videos played automatically while you scroll down. Play rate results from dividing the number of users who click play by the number of users who access the video’s landing page. A recommended action to increase your video play rate is by creating attractive thumbnails.

#3. Engagement Rate

The engagement rate shows users’ reactions toward your video, which include comments and likes. Getting higher likes means good things to you, but you need to pay extra attention to the comments you get.

Rather than just taking comments for granted, it’s better to see what kind of comments viewers leave on your video. Identifying comments can help you improve the next video content by considering audiences’ feedback and preferences.

#4. Click-through Rate (CTR)

Click-through rate is your main metric to see and explore, especially if you run a video campaign. It counts users who play your video and then come to your landing page to learn about your product or brand.

You can measure the click-through rate of your video by dividing the total clicks by the number of users who watch it. Adding powerful call-to-action is key to getting a higher CTR rate.

#5. Conversion Rate

For social media marketers, getting high conversion rates is a joyous moment. This metric measures whether or not your video succeeds in persuading viewers. Conversion rates show how many viewers convert into paying customers.

Businesses that use videos for marketing must examine the conversion rates they get. The number of conversion rates will show if a company makes a profit or not.

#6. Watch Time

Watch time is a cumulative measurement of the total time users watch your video, including replays. You can measure this metric by dividing the total watch time by the total number of video plays.

#7. Social Shares

The more you expose your video content, the more you generate positive results. This metric shows how many users and times your video is being shared to other platforms.

High social shares can help you raise brand awareness and potentially drive more prospects and leads. Encourage your viewers to share your video content on their social media accounts.


Explainer video key metrics are the main measurements to see your video performance. Being knowledgeable about each metric is necessary for digital marketers, business owners, and content creators in general. You need a robust strategy, from content planning, execution, and marketing to make your video thrive amid countless others.

Every social media platform with video features has an analytics page. You can explore it to see the above video key metrics and study the results you get. You may also identify some problems that lower your video performance and come up with a more powerful strategy for the upcoming content.

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