A Night Under the Stars in Jaisalmer: Thar Desert Camping


When you hear the name Jaisalmer, the first thing that comes to mind is a desert with camels. That’s right, too! The ethereal sand dunes that are associated with Jaisalmer will undoubtedly take you to the legends of the Arabian Nights. 15% of the Great Indian Desert, also known as the Thar Desert, which includes these sand dunes, extends into Pakistan.

When visiting the Golden City, you must spend at least one night in the Jaisalmer desert. Two sand dunes in Jaisalmer are available for commercial use. Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes are the first and second, respectively. Sam is the older of the two, and due to better access and roads, it is now more popular with tourists. Khuri is known for being less developed and more rustic, so it unquestionably makes for an enjoyable offbeat experience.

How Can I Spend A Night In Jaisalmer Under The Stars?

You won’t be able to avoid staying at a hotel that offers desert safari packages if you plan on visiting Jaisalmer or learning more about the area. They are in great numbers.Making a choice can be difficult a lot of the time.

Okay, so here’s the thing. There are various desert safari packages available, ranging from a half-day to three-day stay in the dunes. 

The tour starts after lunch with a ride from your hotel. You stop off at the Khaba Fort along the way, which is where one of the 84 villages that the Paliwal Brahmins abandoned in a single night nearly 200 years ago is located.The local village is the next stop, where your camel ride into the dunes starts.

When Is The Perfect Time To Enjoy Jaisalmer’s Night Under The Stars?

Travel to the Golden City between mid-October and early March for the best chance of seeing Jaisalmer in the winter. The best time to visit the desert would be on a full moon night when the moon is at its most beautiful. Although it can be challenging to make the necessary plans. But if you can plan your days, nothing comes close.

If you happen to be in Jaisalmer during the summer or monsoon season, we advise staying away from the desert night. You’d actually prefer to be back in your hotel room, lying in bed, air conditioning on. Avoid visiting Jaisalmer or the desert in the summer. The oppressive heat will become intolerable for you, and you won’t be able to fully appreciate the experience.

What Is Unique About This Experience?

Walking through the dunes as the sun sets and the sky’s hues change is indeed the favorite moment of visiting the Jaisalmer desert. Instead of taking selfies, enjoy the moment. The sun ends the day so quickly that you wouldn’t even notice it. Immediately after that, the stars will extend an invitation to join them.

As you ascend and descend the undulating dunes, let the cool sand contact your feet.We adored this so much!It also makes you feel like a child again while giving you a fantastic leg day.  You can actually hear the wind blowing in your ears in the desert because it is so quiet there. 

A campfire is lit as the sun sets because there won’t be any other light during the night but the starry night sky, which inspires ethereal feelings of joy. A definite highlight is the fresh meal that is cooked over the bonfire while locals sing Rajasthani folk songs.

It’s time for bed after you’ve had your fill of happiness. You have the option of spending the night in the desert. In this situation, you get to spend the night sleeping outside on charpoys, which are wooden cots with mattresses and blankets. Alternatively, you can choose the tent option, in which case a jeep will transport you to the base camp where all the tents are set up. So, if you really want to experience the desert, nothing beats sleeping under the stars.

Sam Sand Dunes:

Sam Sand Dunes are located on the way to Khaba Fort. You can also go to Kuldhara, an abandoned village that was once one of the 84 villages and is renowned for being a haunted ruin. According to the legend, it was used as a water source by traders heading from Afghanistan. It’s interesting to note that nearby villages continue to use it as a water reservoir.Everyone can enjoy the desert experience in Jaisalmer.You can skip the camel ride if you have back issues or simply don’t support using animals for amusement. Because the sand is so slippery, it is not recommended to travel with young children. For small children, the wind simply makes the situation worse. But aside from that, we’d advise everyone to spend at least one night outside, whether they’re young or old.

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