How To Avoid Loneliness and Beat Solo Traveling Blues?

Are you having the time of your life on a solo trip?

You must be feeling packing your bags and heading home quickly. Perhaps you have been travelling alone with no one to crack jokes or relish the cuisine.

These are best known as solo-traveller blues.

If you are googling the earliest flight to your hometown, HALT! You can still enjoy life at your favourite destination.

Yes, there are some ways to deal with travelling blues and overcome loneliness and exhaustion.

7 Immersive Tips to Deal with Solo Travel Loneliness

Embrace solitary self and waive off solo trip blues. Accept the fact as a solo traveller, you may be alone sometimes and crave company.

There are always ways to turn a monotonous outing into one worth relishing later. Here is how you can do so.

Trigger a conversation with unknown

It is the weirdest but funniest technique to overcome boredom and loneliness. If you are feeling depressed, it may not be a good idea. A journey is all about creating experiences with the people you cross the road with.

Thus, if possible, interacts and initiate a comfortable conversation with fellow travellers. Most individuals travelling alone like to stay low key and are introverts. You can join a band group or a recreational workshop to interact with new people. It will make the journey a happier one.

Stay at guesthouses or hostels

A traveller enthusiast spends a good time figuring out the right accommodation deal, little knowing that it could amplify the loneliness. If you are a solo traveller but are always in for a good conversation, explore guesthouses or hostels instead of suites or villas. Doing so will not only make the accommodation economic but will help you meet new faces.

It is even better if you are an introvert. You can enjoy the company instead of engaging in conversation. Hostel life is in itself a unique experience. Many hostels and guesthouses have surrounded by bars, cafés, and nightlife, which you can enjoy. If you wish to explore local life, you can be a tenant. Explore renting options or local homestays through online portals.


Journal your motive

When undergoing a painful emotion or a sudden consciousness, sit and evaluate. Try restricting negative emotions affecting peace on loop.

Pour down everything on a piece of paper – this is one of the best ways to do so. You may face a hard time remembering things leading to negatively. Do not dissuade from your stand and write.

Write everything regarding the journey until now, and make your bucket list. Analyse how many points have you ticked off the list. Improvise on the aim that you planned the trip for.

What encouraged you to take payday loans for the unemployed from direct lenders almost immediately to land in the place of your dreams?

  • Have you achieved the purpose of the trip?
  • If not, what can you do to relieve the stress?
  • How can you still make the journey worth the time and money?

Evaluate every aspect and make the best of your trip. Journaling will not only help relieve emotions and alienation but instil a sense of relishing moments a bit more.

Stay Connected with a loved one

If you feel lonely and restless while on a trip, it is ideal to connect with the first person on the list. In this world of wired connections and easy connectivity, loved ones are just a call away. You can reach out to them with a call, text or a video call. No matter how dense thoughts you encounter, they surely help ensure instant relief. Having someone to bank upon is a blessing.

Pick your smartphone and call now. The pang of loneliness will fade away immediately. In some situations, like opposite time zones, it becomes almost impossible to reach out to people you love. In such cases, resort to the old-age or traditional postcards or letter-writing.

It is one of the soulful ways of re-connecting with your people. It is a good idea if you live in a remote region and couldn’t connect on call. It will help you feel light and give the other person a sense of compassion and belongingness, even if he cannot reciprocate.

Pretend to be a millionaire for a day

Many would not share it in good faith, but it is one of the best ways to ensure an immersive experience. Take s a powerful steaming shower, dine at the most lively restaurant, book tickets to the most amazing places in the city, and do the impossible.

Ensure a vibe-check before you head toward your hotel room. You will thank yourself for making a move and enjoying the best moments in your favourite place. You may not have a lot of friends hovering over you every time, but you will still feel much better.

Internet could help you find people

The journey is about making new friends, journaling out experiences, and drooling over the popular dishes. If you are quite overwhelmed with the thought of travelling alone, you can conduct a vibe check online. Check for the individuals travelling to the same place as yours.

You can connect with them and relish the company. Post your whereabouts on forums, Facebook and other sites and connect with individuals instantly. Forums have a “travel companion section”. It will help you know who all are travelling to the same place as yours. Connect and land in the place with like-minded beings.

Plan your trip days

Whenever you plan a trip, evaluate the positives and negatives of a place. Create a scannable list according to the days you are planning your vacation for. One often gets clueless about things to do and loses interest on a solo trip. Make a list of things you wish to do on the trip. It will make it enjoyable and help avoid any negative thoughts. Hoping from sight to sight can be tiresome when solo. In a clueless situation, buy yourself tickets to a city tour. It would be fun.

Solo traveling is liberating. It grants an opportunity to explore oneself and conquer the biggest fears. It does not mean you have to be a loner in people’s absence. Explore and create your happiness by doing the above things. You will recollect the tour later!!

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