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As a fashion company, we’re accustomed to hearing folks gush about the newest bag or sweater. But sometimes, the lesser-known brands that source fabric in low quantity, we come across while traveling that thrill us more. And of course, one place to find them is on Instagram. Additionally, these smaller, more recent firms often set the pace when it comes to designing with sustainability at the forefront of their minds.

Of course, there are many tiny companies deserving of recognition, and we will always support them in textile sourcing. But the Who What Wear team decided on five names that we simply couldn’t get out of our heads when it came to identifying the trendiest brands right now. Looking for a new mid range bag to get someone for Christmas? We’ve discovered the contemporary looks with a retro flair favored by celebrities like Ellie Delphine. Want modern accessories that not everyone will own? You may choose the brand from us. Additionally, one of the newest designers has a limited supply of zero-waste separates that you may purchase if you’re seeking sustainable clothing. Scroll down to view and purchase the five emerging fashion labels that are on the verge of becoming huge.


Vingi Wong, a graduate of Central St. Martins, founded the London-based label, which has been popular among young people from its first 2021 debut. It combines the allure of a vintage treasure with a contemporary look, making it a mid-priced bag brand to be aware of. These classic items are all created by hand in an Italian family-run workshop and designed to last a lifetime. You won’t have any excuse not to take them with you at all times when they look this stylish.

The Meaning Well

There is no need to go farther if you’re looking for a new mindful brand. Fashion consultant Katie Ruensumran, who was born in Thailand, came up with the idea for the company in 2020. The London-based business exclusively produces tiny quantities of each design using deadstock materials, ensuring minimal waste. This implies, however, that once these stunning dresses, blouses, and fitted pants sell out, they are permanently lost, so act quickly

G Lundgren

G Lundgren is another company to know if you value the environment. The minimalist jewelry line was started by Gabriella Lundgren, who infuses all of the pieces with a touch of her native Sweden. These gems, which range from traditional hoops to beaded necklaces and heart pendants from the 1990s, are something you should treasure.


Even though Australian label Dissh has been established since 2001, its creator Lucy Henry-Hicks rebranded it in 2021, which is when it gained greater popularity in the UK. The company leads with a simple approach with classic knits, upgraded pieces, and dresses that will have everyone asking where you got them, as worn by fashion journalists, influencers, and celebrities like Rochelle Humes.

This fits every requirement: it’s bandeau-colored and chocolate brown. Before switching to sandals in the summer, add a coat and boots now.

Leslie Amon

When Leslie Amon, a designer, realized that buying swimwear was so much more difficult than it needed to be, she started her company in 2017. Upon realizing this, she went about creating a line of attractive, self-affirming swimwear. To this day, she continues to test-drive her designs for at least six months before releasing them on the market. We are delighted that she has now expanded into dresses. This company is perfect for you if you like eye-catching designs, whimsical details, and outfits that stand out!

This butterfly dress is a perfect example of Amon’s daring patterns. Wear it in the winter with tights and boots, or in the summer with flip-flops.

Bottom line

After having so many brands, I still prefer customized outfits which you can create as per your choice and preference. If you are a boutique owner or fashion designer and looking for a textile sourcing platform then fabriclore is the best place for you. Here you can source fabric that is certified and popular for its quality. With our expanded chain of fabric manufacturers would help you in offering endless possibilities of fabrics.

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