Dedicated Hosting for High-Traffic Websites: What you need to Know

Dedicated hosting includes an entire server being assigned to a single business including its resources and features. It is the perfect choice for those who have huge requirements and encounter a lot of traffic. You can go for unmanaged dedicated servers if you have the expertise to run a server, or else you can opt for managed hosting in which your web hosting service will take care of your server responsibilities.

How does dedicated hosting benefit high-traffic websites?

Dedicated resources

Sharing resources can prove to be a huge hassle, which can affect your performance. The biggest advantage of managed dedicated hosting is that you get the whole server and its ample resources just for your usage including bandwidth, RAM, and storage.

This ensures you never fall short due to the excessive usage of another account. If you need a significant amount of resources, dedicated hosting is the way to go for you.

Complete control

Dedicated servers offer root access to help you customize your server according to your unique business requirements. You have a say in both your software and hardware. You assess your needs and alter your RAM, CPU, software, and everything else according to it.

You can host as many websites as you want on your server, which also proves to be quite economical. You can also decide the security measures you want and fix any problems that arise without the help of any technical support team.

Advanced security

It brings us to the security benefits of dedicated hosting. Businesses that require extensive security to deal with their sensitive and confidential information prefer dedicated hosting due to its isolated environment.

This reduces the risk of falling victim to malicious attacks such as malware or virus from another account, feeling the fallback from other tenants falling victim to a DDoS attack, extensive downtime, or being attacked accidentally or on purpose by your neighbor.

You get incredible security with dedicated hosting as the measures you take can be decided by you including monitoring your server around the clock and implementing advanced security measures to avoid any malicious attacks.

You can alter your security to match your requirements as you have complete control of the server. You can have your pick of anti-virus and malware protection, avoid manual errors by enforcing strict guidelines, restrict access, and encrypt your data for ultimate protection.

Better reliability

If you choose to go with shared hosting, there is a possibility of your performance being negatively impacted by other users on the server. If another account hosted on your same server has a lot of traffic, it is going to monopolize the resources resulting in your performance taking a nose dive. Your website will slow down or end up crashing which will in turn harm your SEO ranking.

Dedicated hosting does not have the same problem as your resources are your own that you do not have to share with anybody else. In addition to this, your website can enjoy great reliability and security.


While shared hosting might be the lowest priced one, it does not provide the same advantages that dedicated hosting does. It also does not offer the dedicated resources that you get with dedicated hosting.

In addition to this, shared hosting is perfect for startups or small businesses that handle minimum traffic to deliver ample performance. Dedicated hosting is the go-to choice for those that have to deal with high amounts of traffic. Since you get such extensive features and resources, the cost is understandably just as high.

However, you can choose a dedicated server with fewer resources that might be less expensive. You will still be able to enjoy dedicated features such as security, performance, control, and dedicated resources. Hence, your high-traffic website can benefit a lot from the dedicated server.

Improved SEO

Websites that rank higher are poised to attract more traffic, which results in higher revenue. This is applicable to multiple search engines. Several aspects determine your rank. One of the predominant ones is the speed of your website.

Basically, the faster your website, the higher you will rank as you offer a better user experience. This is the key factor of higher ranks.


Choosing the perfect web hosting service for your business is always a task of great responsibility. There are several advantages to all web hosting types. However, if you encounter a lot of traffic, a dedicated server might be perfect for your needs. You get root access, robust performance, quick loading times, and advanced security to ensure your website provides the best user experience. If your aim is to ensure a high-ranking website, well you have it. A dedicated server is a perfect way to elevate your website to the next level.

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