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Today we are going to clarify every single thing that you should know about Kingoroot For PC. As we all know, Kingoroot Windows is a very special tool designed for Android rooting. Although there are hundreds of similar tools in the market, it is difficult to find an advanced and supportive application like Kingoroot For PC.

Features and the performance made it the best of bests since far. Anyone who wishes to turn their devices into rooted can simply set up this on their desktop and click the root button. The most interesting thing is; that Kingo Root can perform even on the latest Google versions like Android 10 too. And it can support all leading device models and brands without any special requirement.

What is Kingoroot For PC?

Kingoroot For PC is the number one Android rooting tool in the world. It comes with one-click rooting support for both PC and Kingoroot Apk options. Kingo Root Download For Windows is a perfect offer from one of the Chinese hackers’ teams a couple of years ago. It is the only Android rooting tool with the highest effective rate.

Anyone who wishes to use Kingo Root can download and install the tool on their PC and get root permission for their device within a couple of minutes. It is quite simple and smooth.

Is it a free tool?

Yes, of course, Kingoroot PC Download is an absolutely free rooting tool. users can download Kingoroot for PC for free from their official website and even from other reliable third-party sources too. Moreover, the service of the tool can also get for totally free without using a single $.

What is Kingoroot Apk?

Do not get confused if you saw Kingoroot Apk while searching for Kingo root exe. It is the alternative to Kingoroot For PC. while users should bring the PC version on their Windows-running computer or laptop, Kingo Apk can only install on Android smartphones and tablets. In simple words, the Apk tag stands for Android application. Those who can install an app directly on their handset can bring this on their device and simply get the single-click root permission.

How to root a smartphone using Kingoroot For PC?


  • Do not turn off the smart device
  • Connect it to a stable internet access
  • Check the battery level. It should be at least 85%. If not, do not forget to charge it sufficiently
  • Go to the gallery and folders and find if there are important files. It is better to create a backup of all important files
  • Prepare a Windows PC or laptop
  • Install related smartphone drivers to the prepared computer
  • Go to the smartphone and enable USB Debugging mode
  • Prepare a proper USB cable. It is better if you compiled the original one
  • Download Kingoroot For PC for free from a reliable source

Step-by-step guide to Kingo Root

  • Install the downloaded Kingoroot package
  • Once the installation is completed, you can click the application icon from your desktop and open the tool
  • Now connect the USB cable to the PC and to the smart device
  • Within a couple of seconds, the tool will detect the device
  • Then you can click the “Root” button and keep the device on the table
  • The entire process may take around 4 minutes and notify whether it is succeeded of not

Troubleshooting tips

  • If it is difficult to find a reliable Kingoroot For PC tool package, navigate to the original website of team Kingo or simply visit the page that we have suggested above
  • Sometimes the tool won’t work properly if it is an old version. The latest version is the best with improvements and fixes as always
  • If Kingo Root Download For Windows cannot detect the device, it may be because of the out-of-action USB cable that you connected or the improper USB cable. Change the USB port and check the cable and try once more
  • If still, you cannot continue the process, disconnect the device and turn off it for a couple of seconds. and then turn on and connect back
  • And also, installing proper and the latest USB drivers too will help the tool to detect the connected smartphone. So, check your drives and update them to the latest. If you have not installed drivers, search the web for related drives of the device and install them right away
  • Sometimes the Kingoroot For PC will not complete the process successfully. Then you have to check whether your device running a compatible Android version. And also, according to the developer’s note, some users may have to try a few times to get the root permission because of high security and advanced technology

Is Kingoroot PC Download safe?

If you doubt the protection of Kingoroot PC Download, do not forget that this is the top-rated and the only highly recommended rooting tool thus far. The tool has been tested on over 100K devices. It is 100% safe.

Do not worry about third-party apps that will install on the device during the rooting process. those are designed by Kingo Root to help the user to improve battery level, device performance, and so on.

What are the compatible Android versions and device models?

Kingoroot For PC can root Android 4.0 (Jelly bean) to Android 10 and Android 5G. The tool perfectly supports approximately all device brands including Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony, Oppo, Huawei, Lenovo, LAVA, and so on.  Any device model running a recommended Android version will be able to become rooted using Kingo Root exe Download. If the tool does not support you for any reason, it won’t detect the device even after you follow troubleshooting tips either.

Wrapping up

As we guided through this FAQ on Kingoroot For PC, getting root permission from Kingo Root is not difficult at all. It is an advanced and well-designed tool with a high success rate. We remind you again to download the latest version of Kingoroot PC Download to make the root process a successful one.

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