How to clean your gold jewellery

How to clean your gold jewellery

It seems like everyone is trying to buy gold these days judging by the number of cash for gold adverts out the. If you have some old, unwanted jewellery lying around in the house, cleaning the jewellery before you sell will help make it attractive to gold buyers. Presentation is always important, whether you decide to sell gold jewellery in Melbourne at a brick and mortar gold buyer or an online buyer. So give your gold jewellery a proper cleaning.

How to clean gold jewellery

Although pure gold does not stain, it should be noted that most gold is made from alloys. Metals are added to gold to harden the metal to make it a durable piece of jewellery. Some of these metals are added to give the gold a different distinctive colour. These metals that can react to chemicals in cleaning solutions. There are special cleaning solutions for safe and effective gold cleaning. Make sure these specialty cleaners say they are formulated specifically for gold. You don’t necessarily need some expensive, expensive cleaning product to clean and maintain gold. There are a few simple steps you can take with products that are easy to use around your home, like your dishwashing soap.

Take some detergent, dissolve it in warm water and then add a drop of ammonia.

Apply this mixture with a soft toothbrush and a clean brush.

Wash with running water. – Dry the jewellery with a soft towel.

Although gold looks hard, it is actually a soft metal. Be careful when cleaning jewellery ji. Do not brush too much and keep the air temperature low when drying the jewellery.

You can wash jewellery with regular detergent, but you have to be selective. Other chemicals can damage gold. Ordinary soap will not damage the gold, if it is done quickly, you will not wash the gold jewellery.

Be careful of using chlorine or getting chlorine on any part of your gold jewellery. It is a harsh chemical that can damage jewellery. The same can be said for ammonia. If you have cleaning agents that contain ammonia, do not use it to clean your jewellery if you can help it.

Soap – Avoid any soap that contains unknown ingredients. Basic dish soap is fine, however, this does not mean you need to take showers or baths. Bath soaps aren’t really safe. They are formulated for a specific job.

You must also pay attention to cleaning gold jewellery with precious stones. If you are unsure, ask a jewellery about the safest way to clean gemstone pieces. This is because natural gemstones are usually enhanced after extraction, which can affect the way the jewellery is cleaned. A jewellery will know the proper way to clean specific types of gemstones and can also check your jewellery for damage. Silver, pearls and even costume jewellery don’t need much care to keep them shiny. Gold jewellery needs to be carefully cared for to maintain its beauty and lustre over time.

If you sell gold jewellery in Melbourne that is refined and has more shine, it will be more attractive to gold buyers.

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