How to Earn Money through Instagram?

We hear a lot about how people we know are making loads of money from Instagram, and the first thing that comes to our minds is ‘how’. With advancements in the modern world, it has been more accessible and easier to earn through social media sites, especially Instagram. But with growing awareness, not everyone can earn as easily as it used to be.

Well, since buyers and the overall audience is more aware, whatever you sell, or however you earn, the process needs to be of quality. Whether you are an influencers, a marketer, a seller, or own a business, you need to have quality marketing strategies, original organic audience, and great quality content. Here in this article we will answer the famous question, how one can earn through Instagram, and no it’s not all about influencers. 

Sell Unique Content 

When it comes to earning from Instagram it is not only about having a product based business, influencing, marketing, or selling captions. If you are someone who can inspire people and teach them things like marketing techniques, or art, or have a proper knack for teaching and mentoring, you can start your own blog and build your audience. After you have built your audience, you can charge them for consultancy. Your social media handle will help gain audience from Instagram and you can direct them to your website where you can hold online sessions. Through Instagram you can market your services. 


Instagram is no more about having thousands and millions of followers and is more about quality. So, if you believe that brands still go for models and pretty faces with millions of followers, you might be wrong, unless those followers are all organic and the influencer has quality content. When it comes to micro influencing, it is all about people who have lesser followers but organic ones.

When you have organic followers, and you have a good connection and relationship with your followers, you can easily be an influencer without having a big number of followers. Brands look for influencers who have organic followers, a proper profile made on a niche. They also notice how to connect and run your profile. So, these days there is a lot that goes into being an influencer instead of only having a bunch of followers and a few photos. 

Affiliate Marketing

Although Affiliate marketing on Instagram looks a lot like influencing, in reality, it is not. Affiliate marketers are people on Instagram who have a profile for the purpose of promoting other people’s brands. When you are an affiliate, you partner with brands and promote their brand and products. It can be the whole brand, or a certain product.

What sets them apart from influencers is that influencers just upload one post about the product and say good words about it, or the most they can do is make a video or post highlights unpacking and reviewing a product. Affiliates have a different job and their job is long term. The similarity between influencers and affiliates is that affiliates also need to have a proper profile with a decent number of followers and maintain an appearance. 

Sell Captions

If you have a knack for writing catchy captions and Instagram posts, you can make money out of it. There are a lot of brands and business pages, and even influencers who struggle with writing long posts or captions, or simply do not have the time to do so. If you know how to write good captions, you can easily sell your services and charge for them. Connect with fellow Instagrammers around you who do the same and market your profile as much as you can to reach your target audience. Use hashtags and stay active. The key to gaining more followers and getting leads is staying as active as you can, so that people keep engaging and you can build and increase your PR on Instagram. 

Sell Photos, Illustrations, or Designs

Similar to selling captions, one more thing that is sellable on Instagram is photos, illustrations, and designs. Several people, businesses, and pages must be looking for certain kinds of photos, or designs for their logos, and posts. The drill is the same here, you need to create a profile with your portfolio and start selling your designs, illustrations, and photos. The business industry has been growing a lot and these things are more in demand than you might have thought. So, if you are talented enough do not waste more time and start selling now.

Sell Your Own Products

If you have a talent and you think you can sell your own products, go ahead and make a business profile on Instagram. Instagram is one of the biggest and fastest growing business hubs and creating your business profile now will be super fruitful in the future. So, make your own products, have a business plan, and start selling. If you want inspiration, you can easily get it by researching and taking inspiration from fellow businesses on Instagram.

Several people are running their businesses from home and are earning really well. All you need for starting a business from scratch is inspiration, direction, and good strategies, and for that, all you need is a good internet. For good TV and Internet Packages, we recommend checking out They have super affordable and good quality ISPs that you can easily find in your area. 

Dropship Products

Dropshipping is like shopping products for other people. All you do is set up an Instagram shop, build your customers and get them whatever they want. For this you don’t have to worry about the product, packaging or delivery, you just need to have a shop and vendors for the products on your shop. Those vendors will do all the work, and you will only work as a platform where people place orders.


Well, if you are also someone who is looking for work that is not a 9-5 job and something more fun, interesting and can be done from home, these tips to earn from Instagram can be very helpful. While this might not look like a lot of hard work, all kinds of work require some dedication and hard work. 

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