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A tyre is a cushion that comes with a car wheel. The exterior cover, i.e. the tyre, and the tube inside make up the majority of it. The air inside the tube carries the entire load and also creates a cushion. Winter Tyres Peacehaven exist in a variety of sizes and designs, and most cars can accommodate multiple sizes. This can make choosing the right tyre for your vehicle challenging.

Tyres: (Functional Requirements):

  1. It must support the vehicle’s weight. 
  2. The tyres must provide shock absorption. 
  3. Your car tyres are responsible for transmitting driving and braking forces to the road. 
  4. It should have enough cornering power to allow for easy steering. 
  5. They must be able to carry all loads and withstand damage. 
  6. It must last a long time and function properly. 
  7. Must meet all weather and surface requirements without overheating in all conditions. 
  8. Good road grip is a must for traction, cornering, acceleration, and braking.

Tyres With Desirable Characteristics:


One of the most significant tyre qualities is non-skidding. The tread pattern on the interior of the tyre is for little skidding, especially on wet roads.

Uniform Wear:

The wear on the tyre tread must be uniform to retain the non-skidding feature.


During each revolution of the wheel, the tyre is subject to alternating strains. The tyre’s material and design must ensure that the tyre can withstand these stresses.


The tyre should be able to absorb minor high-frequency vibrations caused by the road surface, resulting in cushioning.

Power Consumption:

The vehicle tyre absorbs some power due to friction between the tread rubber and the road surface, as well as hysteresis. This power comes from the engine fuel, which should be as cheap as possible.


Tyres must be able to withstand whatever the road throws at them. The robustness, or toughness, of a tyre, refers to its capacity to withstand common road dangers. Look for tyres with stronger construction if you frequently travel on broken or uneven roads.


Handling refers to how your vehicle responds to driving demands (such as turning, accelerating, and braking) as well as road conditions. Great handling tyres may improve both safety and driving pleasure by keeping the car stable and the driver in control.

Tyre Tread Pattern:

The front or rear tyres of most vehicles will wear out faster than the others. Mismatched tread depths can cause the automobile to handle incorrectly, so it is normally recommended to replace the front and rear tyres as they wear down to equal out the wear patterns. Tyre rotation is the term for this. If the vehicle’s suspension is out of adjustment, the tyres may wear more on one side than the other, so it may be beneficial to rotate the tyres from one side of the car to the other;

However, the Owner’s Manual Should Be Thoroughly Checked Because Some Cars Require Special Tyre Rotation Schedules:

In such instances, it is not possible to rotate the tyres from one side of the car to the other without putting a clockwise tyre’ on a counter-clockwise wheel. To indicate the preferred direction, such tyres usually include an arrow moulded into the sidewall.

Performance Tyres:

These tyres are designed to be used at faster speeds. They usually have a softer material for better traction, especially when cornering at high speeds.

All-terrain Tyres:

All-terrain tyres are a type of tyre that may be used on any surface SUVs and light vehicles are commonly equipped with all-terrain tyres. These tyres often feature stiffer sidewalls for improved puncture resistance when riding off-road, and the tread pattern has wider spacing than all-season tyres to allow mud to drain from the tread.

Mud Tyres:

Mud tyres are a type of mud tyre that is used Large, chunky tread patterns are meant to bite into muddy conditions and offer grip characterize by mud-terrain tyres. Because of the large open shape, mud may clear more quickly from between the lugs.

Winter Tyres:

Winter tyres are meant to outperform summer tyres in colder temperatures.

Winter Tyres Peacehaven tread rubber compounds are frequently softer than summer tyre tread rubber compounds, allowing for better traction on icy roadways.

All-season Tyres:

All-season tyres are a type of tyre that can be used all year. These are attempts to create a tyre that is a hybrid of a summer tyre built for sandy and muddy roads and a winter tyre made for usage on snowy and icy roads. However, the sort of material and tread design most suitable for summer weather cannot give satisfactory performance in winter weather due to technological limitations. As a result, the all-season Car Tyres Peacehaven is a poor compromise that is neither a good summer nor a good winter tyre.

Get Tyre Help at Your Nearest Car Tyre Peacehaven:

CVS Tyres has a wide selection of tyres for a wide range of automobiles. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about tyre care and maintenance. As needed, we can also execute tyre rotations and other services. Visit your nearest CVS Tyres if you still need assistance choosing tyres.

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