Kolkata to Digha Train Booking: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make the Most of Your Kolkata to Digha Train Experience

One of West Bengal’s most well-known and stunning locations is Digha. Do you wish to go from Kolkata to Digha? Are you considering the best way to get from Kolkata to Digha via train, bus, and/or car? Well, Howrah and Digha are separated by about 135 kilometres. The distance is also 172.8 kilometres via road. There are four ways to get from Kolkata to Digha train: via bus, train, taxi, or private vehicle.

How do I take the train there?

Howrah Jn, (HWH) to Digha Flag Stn is served by the 12857 Howrah Digha Tamralipta SF Express train (DGHA). On the same day of departure, the 12857 Howrah Digha Tamralipta Sf Express train leaves Howrah and arrives in Digha at 10:15 a.m. The Howrah Digha Tamralipta SF Express train travels 185 kilometres in total. Additionally, this train’s speed is 54.2 km/h. Additionally, this route provides return services in conjunction with train No. Howrah to Digha travel time on this train is about three hours and twenty-five minutes.

The following popular trains also leave from Howrah Jn: (12337) Howrah Bolpur Shantiniketan SF Express; (12847) Howrah Digha Super Ac Express; (37111), Howrah Belur Math Local; (37279) Howrah Bandel Local; (38103), Howrah Uluberia Local. This is the train route from Howrah to Digha.

Howrah To Digha Bus: Digha Accessible By Bus

To go to Digha Bus Stand, a bus leaves from Kolkata-Esplanade Bus Stand. Services run hourly every day. The entire trip lasts about 4 hours and 15 minutes. The cheapest way to get from Howrah to Digha is by bus. They take about 4 hours and 15 minutes and cost between Rs150 and Rs350.

The following WBTC bus routes operate from Kolkata to Digha: 4.15 to 8.15, 5.15 to 9.45, 6.00 to 10.15, and 6.15 to 9.45. A non-AC bus from Kolkata to Digha costs Rs 145, whereas an AC bus costs Rs 300 or more. By using the NH16B and NH116B, it takes 4 hours and 24 minutes to get from Kolkata to Digha. Thus, this resolves your query regarding the bus route from Kolkata to Digha.

BY Taxi

To get from Howrah to Digha by taxi, book a Gozocab. The easiest way to get from Howrah to Digha is by taxi. For short trips, renting a taxi is the best choice (150-300km). If you want to travel one way, the best option is to use a Howrah to Digha taxi with a driver. There are numerous ways to reserve a shared cab if you have a limited budget.

When reserving a cab from Howrah to Digha, do it at least 5–10 days beforehand to secure the cheapest pricing. Gozocabs provides affordable Howrah-to-Digha online taxi fares with one-way rates starting at Rs. 3366 and round-trip rates beginning at Rs. 13.75/Km. To take advantage of savings and exclusive deals, book a Howrah to Digha taxi online with Gozo taxis.

How to Drive to Digha

If you have a car, you ought to drive to Digha. Howrah and Digha are separated by a about 168 km drive. Additionally, travelling by automobile is a unique experience because you may pause whenever you like to take pictures or eat new foods. It takes about 4 hours to drive from Howrah to Digha, depending on traffic. For traffic, anticipate 30 to 60 minutes. We trust you now fully understand how to drive from Howrah to Digha.

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Fare of all these ways of travelling from Kolkata to Digha?

Train to Digha from Kolkata

Around 6:50 am, depart from Howrah on the Tamralipta Express (12857) to arrive in Digha. The renowned train is this one.

Express Howrah Digha super AC arrives in Digha at 14:20 after leaving at 11:10.

Taking the train from Santragachi station is another way to go to Digha right away.

Every day, the “Santragachi-Mecheda local” local train runs. It leaves Santragachi at 6:10 in the morning and arrives at Mecheda station at 7:50. The train was then renamed “Mecheda-Digha local.” Digha receives it at 10:55 a.m. There is a 40 rupee fare.

Government, commercial, and Volvo AC buses frequently travel from places like Kolkata Esplanade, Garia, Ultadanga, and Barrackpore to Digha. The hub where you may board a bus for Digha every hour is Esplanade Bus Stand or Dharmatala. There is a Volvo AC bus service running from Esplanade to Digha in Kolkata.

The cost of the bus from Kolkata to Digha, West Bengal

The cost of a government bus from Kolkata to Digha is 145 rupees for a non-air-conditioned vehicle and 370.00 rupees for an air-conditioned vehicle. Between 250 and 300 rupees are charged for private buses like Redbus.

Timetable for CSTC’s bus service between Kolkata and Digha

From Kolkata to Digha, there are Sbstc and CSTC bus routes that are timetabled and priced.

Leaving Digha by Train and Bus

6:45 a.m. local time in Digha-Panskura. A frequent Panskura local train departing for Howrah is available once in Panskura.

Another choice is 11:15 a.m. local time in Digha-Mecheda. But keep in mind that there is no bathroom because it is a local train.

To go to Howrah, take the Tamralipta Express at 10:35 a.m.

At 9:30 pm, the Paharia Express 17:25 is at Howrah.

Esplanade and other government bus depots offer regular bus service (public and private).

What Tourist Attractions Are There Close to Digha?

Digha New Beach.

Digha Old Beach.

Beach at Shankarpur.

Beach at Mandarmani.

Beach in Udaipur.

Beach at Talsari.

Beach at Chandipur.

Aquarium and Research Center for Marine Life (MARC).

Science Center at Digha.

Park in Amaravati.

The Mangrove Sanctuary at Bichitrapur.

Watch Point Digha Mohona.

Jahaz Bari Diga

Wonderland by Kajal Dighi

Gate of Digha

A view of local train of Eastern Railway in Indian Railway system running in city Kolkata, West Bengal, India on January 2021 A view of local train of Eastern Railway in Indian Railway system running in city Kolkata, West Bengal, India on January 2021 kolkata to digha train stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

How Do I Take a Car or Taxi From Kolkata to Digha train?

If you’re wondering how to get from Kolkata to Digha by car, reserve a Gozocab or get a cheap local rental car through a car delivery provider. You can also pay a driver to transport you by automobile or cab from Howrah to Digha. It will take between 150 and 300 kilometres to travel that distance. If your budget is tight, you might be able to arrange for shared cabs from Howrah to Digha. However, you must reserve the automobile online 7 to 10 days in advance of your trip. The starting cab rate is Rs 3266, or roughly Rs 13.80 per kilometre. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to take advantage of special offers or discounts when you hire the car.

Local Trains From Howrah To Digha:

Howrah Belur Math (37111)

Howrah Uluberia Local (37279)

Howrah Bandel Local (38103)

4 hours and 24 minutes (NH16B and NH116B)

How Do I Take A Train From Kolkata To Digha? 

From Howrah, there are numerous trains available. Get the specifics of the trains from Howrah Junction (HWH) to Digha Flag Station first if you want to know how to get to Digha from Kolkata via bus (DGHA). Train schedules from Kolkata to Digha –

Howrah Express Digha Tamralipta 06 hours and 50 minutes until train departure. 10 hours and 15 minutes to arrive. 187 kilometres. 

The train’s speed is 55.2 km/h. Time: three hours and thirty minutes Howrah Bolpur Shantiniketan SF Express from Kolkata to Digha (12847)

Howrah Digha Super AC Express departs from Howrah at 11:10 a.m.

Information about Digha, West Bengal Digha is a well-known tourist destination in West Bengal. 

It is located in the Medinipur district. Well, the distance between Howrah and Digha is about 137 kilometres. It takes roughly 173.9 kilometres to travel by bus. Travel Options From Kolkata To Digha: Taxi, automobile, rail, and bus are the 4 different ways to get to Digha.

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