Make your Fashion Statement With Casual Clothing

Casual clothing has started emerging in the world of fashion. These clothes make everyone feel comfortable and stylish. Amidst the hustle of life people who do multi-tasking need such clothes in which they don’t get tired even after wearing them all day long. As formal dresses are very confining to a greater degree, manufacturers of clothes have begun to offer a broad line of casual wear. Different styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics are there in varied price ranges. Many clothing stores have specifically all types of casual wear.  

A casual wear collection consists of summer flowy dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, and any fashionable fabric clothing. The main concern for casual wear is that it should provide automatic relaxation to the skin. Fabrics like chiffon, georgette, cotton, silk, Denim, and a few others are best for any season. You can either have a scarf, or handcrafted belt or add a pair of gloves to look chicer. But casual wear is not just about loose clothes, in formal attire also you can have them.  

Some ways in which you can look classy even in casuals!

Perfect fits

Dresses that have perfect fitting will automatically make you look more in style and shape. Just make sure they are not too tight or too loose and neither it makes you uncomfortable or shaggy. For that, you should know your body type as there are different patterns for every shape.           

High quality

Whenever you buy a garment its quality should be checked, as it reflects in appearance, a good fabric always looks elegant, and the other looks cheaper. Moreover, perfect fits and well-tailored clothes appear more elegant on the body. Avoid fabric like cotton, rayon, and silk as they tend to wrinkle easily. For looking sharp along with casuals, pick fabrics like denim, leather, knit, wool, and polyester.

Forever Clothing style

In particular, many styles have everlasting beauty, which means they never go out of style. Some of the greatest classic clothes are A-line dresses, blazers, jeans, cardigans, sweatshirts, collared shirts, skirts, pullovers, and horizontal and vertical prints. All these garments will give you comfort as casuals and with that, it won’t look bad. 

Currently, the trend is for oversized blazers, monochrome outfits, mismatches, and prints. Both males and females are loving these new concepts. As it can be styled on every occasion. One can either buy from stores or design garments and get them stitched. For that, a perfect place is Fabriclore, where you will have high-quality, sustainable, and durable fabrics, and is one of the leading Fabric Manufacturers in India. It is serving in the USA, UK, and Canada. In addition, if you want any assistance regarding completing your projects, our in-house designers will assist you. 

Oversized blazers

This style is taken from the 80s, its wide shoulders, decorative buttons, and bright colors are highly celebrated amongst working women. Undoubtedly, with this also, matching colored pants or dresses will go quite well. For this, a little bit stiff or patterned fabric will be an excellent choice like tweed, linen, wool, cotton, flannel, velvet, or tartan.   


It is an outfit in which everything goes hand-in-hand from headwear to dress, to footwear and accessories, everything should be in the same color shade.   


The world of printing is as huge as the fashion industry. From traditional to boho, animals, nature anything can be printed. Handcrafts that were not easily accessible to everyone are now readily available. Crafts like batik, ajrak, Bagh, kalamkari, and many more, were rare to find. Moreover, with the new technologies of printing, all these designs and patterns are on the market. Go wild with your print that will make you look unique. 

But still, on many occasions, it might be hard to find all these prints. No worries, you can have all of this on Fabriclore.      

However, casual wears are easy to find in any store, but it won’t make you look different, as many people will be having the same peace as you. So go for inspiration from Instagram and pick some looks for you, and buy the fabric from us to complete your casual look. Along with that many accessories are also available in high-quality fabrics.

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