Poland. 10 interesting facts about the city of Gdynia

What is Polish town Gdynia famous for? Is it worth seeing this city? It was checked by the smallest traveler in the world – Happy Skyscraper. Interesting facts about Gdynia

Gdynia in Poland- facts

1) Gdynia has been a city since 1926. A seaport was opened here a few years earlier. The village already existed in 1253.

2) Since Gdynia became a city, it took 13 years for the number of inhabitants to increase to 130,000 in 1939.

3) The commercial seaport in Gdynia is the third seaport in Poland after Gdańsk and Szczecin. There is also a passenger port in Gdynia.

4) Currently, 244,000 people live in Gdynia. The record year in terms of the number of inhabitants of Gdynia was 1998. More than 253,000 people lived here then.

Interesting places and curiosities

5) Two Sea Towers skyscrapers located at 6 Hryniewickiego Street were commissioned in 2009. The taller one is over 141 meters high and has 38 floors. Currently, the Sea Towers complex is an architectural symbol of Gdynia.

6) Babie Doly is the smallest district of Gdynia, inhabited by 2,000 people. It is famous for the fact that on the sea, about 300 meters from the shore, there are the ruins of a torpedo house built by the Germans during World War II. The structure, which still stands today, has been featured in several films.

7) The most attractions worth seeing in Gdynia, gathered close to each other, on the South Pier, which is 626 meters long, and next to the pier. The following ships are moored here: ORP Błyskawica and Dar pomorza. Both ships can be visited. Next to it there are also: Gdynia Aquarium and 2 monuments – the Game of Masts (Sails) and the statue of Józef Korzeniowski (Joseph Conrad).

8) Open’er Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. It has been organized in Gdynia since 2003, at the turn of June and July. Its first edition took place in Warsaw.

9) Gdynia’s (ciekawostki)several museums include the Naval Museum, founded in 1953. The museum is located at 1B Zawiszy Czarnego Street.

10) In 1920, the famous Polish writer Stefan Zeromski (1864-1925) lived in the Gdynia-Orłowo district. Currently, in this house (ul. Orłowska 6) you can see an exhibition dedicated to him.

Happy Skyscraper visited Gdynia

The smallest traveler has been traveling the world since 2012. It is called Happy Skyscraper and is the symbolic seat of the most cheerful organization in the world – the Good Humor Party. So far, he has been photographed in 700 cities, in 70 countries on all continents. The Good Humor Party was founded in 2001 in Poland, but it is an international organization. If you want, you will surely find a lot of information about it on the Internet.

Interesting facts about other cities in Poland

11) One of the most popular places in Jastrzebia Gora is Lisi Jar. It is a unique, picturesque gorge that is a tourist showcase of the Seaside Landscape Park.

12) The Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, MP, is the most valuable monument of this town of Szadek. It was built in the Gothic style in the years 1333–1335. Previously, there was a wooden church here, which was burnt down by the Teutonic Knights. After that, the temple was expanded several times, most recently in 1905. Among the monuments inside the church is the Gothic Pieta from the mid-15th century. The temple is the most valuable monument of the city and the Sieradz region.

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