Experience the Thrills of a Lifetime at PRS Water Park

What Are the Benefits of Visiting PRS Water Park?

Are you geared up for an exceptional adventure packed with excitement and thrills? Discover the wonderland at PRS Water Park without further ado! Nestled amidst stunning surroundings outside Hubli city near Bangalore Road next to Timmapur village in Shiggaon Tiq, Haveri district of Karnataka, this water park presents an array of fascinating amusements and activities that guarantee an experience beyond compare. Whether you adore challenging rides, enjoy serene waterscapes, or seek wholesome family fun, prs water park caters to every guest’s liking. So, get ready to plunge into an opulent aquatic universe and create precious memoirs that will forever stay etched in your heart.

Quick Facts About PRS Water Park

Aspect Information
Name PRS Waterpark and Resorts
Location Outskirts of Hubli city near Timmapur village, Shiggaon Tlq, Haveri district, Karnataka, India
Attractions Water slides, Wave pool, Lazy River, Kids’ play area, Food menu
Ticket Prices Adults: 750 Rs, Children: 450 Rs/-
Opening Days Monday to Sunday
Opening Time Business hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Saturday, and from 6 AM to 5 PM on Sundays.
Address 4523+H29, Shiggaon, Karnataka, IN, Timmapur, Shiggaon, Dist.: Haveri, Shiggaon 581205
Contact Number +91 73736 67377
Customer Ratings Facebook: 1.0/5, Zaubee: 4 stars average rating, Justdial: 3.9/5 based on 902 reviews and ratings
Activities Unforgettable water slides, Exploring the wave pool, Lazy River experience, Kid-friendly activities, Extreme water sports
Food Menu Various food options available
Safety Measures Trained lifeguards, clean surroundings
Family Getaway Provides a perfect locale for family bonding moments
Water Park Amenities Changing rooms and locker facilities, Water fountains, Cafes and snack bars, Shaded seating areas
Nearby Accommodation PRS Water Park Resort
Reviews Varied ratings ranging from 1.0/5 to 4 stars
Special Events Themed days, live performances, and firework displays

PRS waterpark and resorts overview:-

PRS Waterpark and Resorts is a water park and Resort located on the outskirts of Hubli city towards Bangalore Road near Timmapur village in Shiggaon Tlq, Haveri district of Karnataka. Here is an overview of PRS Waterpark and Resorts:

  • Attractions: Discover the grandeur of North Karnataka’s largest water park and Resort – PRS Waterpark and Resorts. Experience many exciting attractions featuring thrilling water slides, refreshing wave pools, and relaxing lazy rivers.

prs water park

  • Location: PRS Waterpark and Resorts is located on the outskirts of Hubli City towards Bangalore Road near Timmapur village in Shiggaon Tlq, Haveri district of Karnataka.
  • Reviews: PRS Waterpark and Resorts has received a 3.9 out of 5 ratings based on 902 customer reviews and ratings. Visitors enjoyed the water park and the tasty Food.
  • Social Media: PRS Waterpark and Resorts has an official Instagram account where visitors can see photos and videos of the water park.
  • When to Visit: Experience the ultimate fun and relaxation at PRS Waterpark and Resorts by planning your visit during the summer when the weather is at its finest.

PRS water park ticket price:-

The current ticket prices as of May 15, 2023, for PRS Waterpark and Resorts are as follows:

  • For adults: 750 Rs/-
  • For children: 450 Rs/-

Kindly note that ticket prices are subject to alteration due to various factors, such as seasonal fluctuations. You can contact PRS Waterpark and Resorts directly to confirm the current ticket prices and any other information you may need.

What days are the PRS water park and resort open?

PRS water park and Resort is open from Monday to Sunday throughout the week.

PRS water park timing:-

The water park opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM, which is from Monday to Saturday but opens at 6 AM and closes at 5 PM.

PRS water park address:-

Here is the address for PRS Waterpark and Resorts:

  • 4523+H29, Shiggaon, Karnataka, IN
  • Timmapur, Shiggaon, Dist.: Haveri, Shiggaon 581205
  • Situated on the outskirts of Hubli city towards Bangalore Road near Timmapur village in Shiggaon Tlq, Haveri district of Karnataka

PRS water park contact number:-

Here is the contact address for the prs water park and Resort:
  • Phone: +91 73736 67377

PRS water park rides and attraction:-

Here are the rides and attractions available at PRS Waterpark and Resorts:

  • Water Slides: PRS Waterpark and Resorts has a variety of water slides for visitors to enjoy. These include thrilling slides for adults and gentler slides for children. 
  • Wave Pool: The water park has a wave pool where visitors can experience the feeling of being in the ocean. 
  • Lazy River: Indulge in a serene aquatic experience at PRS Waterpark and Resorts, where a tranquil lazy river awaits to soothe your senses and gently carry you away. 
  • Kids’ Play Area: The water park has a dedicated play area for children with smaller slides and water features. 
  • Food Menu: PRS Waterpark and Resorts offers a variety of tasty food options for visitors to enjoy. 

Experience a variety of thrilling rides and exciting attractions suitable for all ages at PRS Waterpark and Resorts. Experience the ultimate aquatic adventure with an array of exhilarating water slides and tranquil lazy rivers, catering to all ages and preferences at this exceptional water park.

prs water park

How are the water park and resort rated?

The rating for PRS Waterpark and Resorts varies depending on the source. Here is a summary of the ratings:

  • According to a Facebook page, PRS Waterpark and Resorts is rated 1.0 out of 5, which is considered bad.
  • On Zaubee, a business listing website, PRS Waterpark and Resorts has received 457 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars.
  • Justdial, a local search engine, rates PRS Waterpark and Resorts 3.9 out of 5 based on 902 customer reviews and ratings.
  • does not provide a specific rating for PRS Waterpark and Resorts.
  • A YouTube video promoting PRS Waterpark and Resorts describes it as the “perfect package for all age[s].”
  • Another Justdial listing rates PRS Waterpark in Vidyanagar Hubli 3.5 out of 5 based on 24 customer reviews and ratings

5 Activities at the PRS Water Park:-

Looking beyond its fascinating water attractions reveals that PRS Water Park provides numerous avenues of entertainment to keep every guest engaged and satisfied. Get your blood pumping and indulge in interactive games, or challenge friends and family to some water-based competition for an added thrill. Alternatively, enjoy a more serene poolside experience amidst the lively atmosphere by laying back and savoring the surroundings at PRS Water Park. Dedicated entertainment professionals organize exciting activities for guests of all ages to ensure a continuously engaging experience. Be prepared for an unforgettable day filled with laughter and fun that will provide cherished memories with those nearest to your heart!

1. The unforgettable water slides

Treat yourself to a unique experience at PRS Water Parks’ spectacular water slide collection- a cut above another park! Get ready to be blown away as you whirl down through loops and curves while feeling the heart-pounding rush of excitement at every turn! The fast-paced slips offer top-notch entertainment guaranteed to satisfy any thrill seekers’ need for excitement! For adventurers seeking an even more significant challenge. Extreme drops are available that will take you beyond limits and push your courage levels higher than ever! This impressive lineup of activities ensures nothing short of ultimate thrills, a spectacular journey everyone should embrace.

2. Exploring the wave pool

If chasing oceanic thrills is your thing, but sand and saltwater don’t quite cut it, head over to PRS Water Park’s wave pool instead. Here at this built-for-adventure destination, immerse yourself in rolling waves that promise to make every moment count! Regardless of skill levels, riders are invited to sit atop these splashing surfs, letting them ride out their whole-body thrusts all along the way. Jump right in, bask in every bump & rush as these fast-moving swells collide with your body – undoubtedly one aquatic journey that will be forgotten anytime soon!

3. The lazy river experience

After experiencing all the excitement that our water slides and wave pool have to offer, consider taking some time to rejuvenate your spirit with a peaceful float along our lush lazy river. This scenic escape from noisy crowds will leave you feeling rested and restored as you drift beneath verdant canopies while listening to gentle currents hum past. Grab one of our comfortable floats, lean back and allow yourself to indulge in an uninterrupted moment away from it all.

4. Kid-friendly activities

Explore its expansive water play areas to make your trip to PRS Water Park truly enjoyable. The park caters to younger guests by offering interactive splash zones, water cannons, and kid-friendly slides, promising to bring endless joy. Children will experience pure happiness as they frolic in the water while creating long-lasting memories and making new friends. PRS Water Park offers a safe yet thrilling environment where imaginations run wild, a place where laughter echoes throughout the park. Additionally, even the littlest visitors are treated with care by exclusively having specially designed kiddie play areas. These interactive spaces allow children to splash around safely while enjoying appropriate attractions with attentive lifeguards on standby leaving parents nothing short of being at ease.

5. Extreme water sports

Looking for something thrilling that goes beyond traditional splash pads? Then check out PRS Water Park. It’s guaranteed to give you heart-pounding experiences like no other. They have all sorts of daring aquatic activities, like water skiing, wakeboarding, and cliff diving, which can take your adrenaline rush up several notches in no time. Whether it’s testing how far you can go or simply challenging yourself in different ways is your goal, there’s boundless excitement waiting for everyone here!

PRS water park

PRS water park food menu:-

Are you looking for an escape from the ordinary? Indulge yourself in lavish privacy at PRS Water Park’s private cabanas. These cozy retreats provide stylish comfort while offering impeccable personalized service that ensures relaxation during breaks from thrill-seeking adventures. Bask in natural sunlight or find refuge under cool shades while indulging in all amenities in your private oasis space. Immerse yourself in this VIP treatment where it is well deserved. But with all excitement experienced at PRS Water Park, one is sure to get worked up an appetite; not to worry, though, as they’ve got you covered! Enjoy their vast array of delicious beverages, including finger foods or fabulous meals from fresh ingredients guaranteed for flavourful experiences. Visit restaurants where you can quickly grab meals on the go or, if preferred, take time out to enjoy top-notch dining experiences that appeal most to your palette.

Thrilling events and promotions:-

More than just being a hub for fantastic rides & attractions, PRS Water Park houses several intriguing features, such as thrilling events & promotions, adding shine to visits. Many events await guests, from special themed days to live performances & spectacular firework displays! You must take advantage of these meaningful activities by viewing their schedules before visiting! Without a doubt, gripping moments such as those provided through attending these activities would make spending time here even more delightful.

Why choose PRS water park?

  • Safety first

Your safety is cared about at PRS Water Park above all else. That’s why a wide range of precautions are designed to ensure all visitors have a secure and satisfying time at the park. There are trained lifeguards positioned throughout the premises who can offer rapid assistance in any scenario should this be required, while upholding immaculate hygiene routines will guarantee clean surroundings across all areas of the park for maximum protection against potential hazards.

  • The perfect family getaway

A visit plan for PRS Water Park is relatively straightforward, providing an idyllic locale for family bonding moments. Kick-off preparations by scanning through their webpage or contacting the customer care line; at the park, you can learn about working hours of operation, entrance payment rates, and fundamental terms & conditions. Increasingly more visitors are advised to refrain from purchasing papers at entry doors due to negative implications like sluggish processing; hence reservations before could save time too by skipping long waits. Other than packing sundry travel essentials, including sunscreen, lotions & shades, swimmers must be filled too. Next, carry with you some intrigue in search of discovery and an open heart, ready to create lasting memories with loved ones.

  • Enjoying outdoor recreation in a stunning setting

If you want to extend your visit and immerse yourself in nature, consider staying at the PRS Water Park Resort. This Resort offers a range of accommodations nestled in the picturesque surroundings of the park. Wake up to breathtaking views, enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking, and relax in the Resort’s amenities, including pools, spas, and restaurants. It’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your time at PRS Water Park and savor the beauty of the natural landscape.

  • Exploring the water park amenities

To ensure your comfort throughout the day, PRS Water Park provides many amenities that keep you cool, refreshed, and well taken care of. Take advantage of the changing rooms and locker facilities to store your belongings securely. Rehydrate at the conveniently located water fountains or grab a refreshing drink from the park’s cafes and snack bars. And if you need to take a break from the sun, shaded seating areas are available for relaxation. PRS Water Park has thoughtfully considered every aspect of your visit to make it enjoyable and convenient.

prs water park

What are people saying about the PRS water park?

“Good water park in Hubli Dharwad. Timing AM to 6: Activity for whole day. Swimming suits nylon /Lycra / PFG shorts and T Shirts are compulsory!! It’s better to carry your own (as it is hygienic). If you forgot to carry don’t be worry, inside the water park you also get swimming suits and dress for men, women and kids. Entrance -Kids Water splash Falls Water sprayer Kids slides, Rain Dance floor, non-water park Rope way Swing Tire bridge, Adults Slide drop, 1Slide drop, 1AnancondaOcsilator (swing)Tube rides and slides Food was okay! be much better as per north Karnataka taste. Overall good ““One of the best places to visit near Hubli. Enjoyed a lot. A place to visit with friends and family.”“Well, to break monotony out of your busy schedule, u can move in here with friends n family…the dragon slide is what makes PRS water park different from other water zone near Hubli Quite disappointed with management …for inefficient staff Carry your own nylon cloths for cleanliness 9/.”“Good place for a weekend with children, but the staff is uneducated and mannerless….so it’s better to keep them aside n enjoy yourself.”“Nice water park, clean, providing food.”

Plan your visit to the PRS water park today:

At PRS Water Park lies a world of excitement and adventure waiting for you! So, gather your family or friends today and prepare for a fun-filled experience. Be it thrilling rides or attractions suitable for people of all ages, their water park will surely cater to all your needs. Not only that but with top-notch safety standards in place and restaurant options galore – it’s practically impossible not to have a grand time here! Before heading out, ensure you are well prepared by carrying sunscreen, towels, and comfortable swimwear. You should also check out the parks’ website beforehand to be aware of ticket pricing details & operating hours, and any special deals/promotions occurring during your visit. With these things in mind, your trip will be incredible!

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