10 Famous Sikkim Festival

sikkim festival
sikkim festival

Explore the 10 famous festivals celebrated in Sikkim 

Sikkim is an Indian state. It is situated in the northeastern part of the country amidst the himalayas. The capital of Sikkim is Gangtok. There are multiple religious festivals celebrated in Sikkim. It is one of the smallest states in India and is bordered by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Sikkim festival is celebrated with dance. 

Besides all kinds of festivals, trekking and all other mountainous activities are experienced in Sikkim. It is the variety of flora and fauna in the land of Sikkim that pulls in tourists from all corners of the world. In this content, we will be focusing mainly on the vibrant Sikkim festivals which are meant to enjoy the vacation in 2023. 

Why is Sikkim popular for festivals? 

The state is not only popular for its natural beauty but also for all the famous festivals. One of the biggest and the most famous festivals of Sikkim is Saga Dawa. Sikkim festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all throughout the year along with fervor all the year round. 

Sikkim is home to beautiful landscapes, stunning glaciers, hills, and varieties of flowers.  There are varieties of festivals that are held all throughout the year making it a point to make Sikkim one of the best places to visit for travelers. Besides the vibrant Sikkim festival held here, the place has hordes of rich history to feel proud about. 

Very little is known about Sikkim’s history which is prior to that of the 17th century. The state’s name is derived from Limbu. These words are su him which means new house. There are a variety of religious festivals in Sikkim. Out of which Losar festival, Sonam Lochar, Saga Dawa, and Buddhist features are highly popular. 

How do people celebrate festivals in Sikkim? 

The people of Sikkim celebrate cultural and religious festivals with great enthusiasm and joy. A Buddhist monastery is a place where residents and tourists come to steal some moments of peace and holy silence among the sacred places in Sikkim. 

During the famous festivals in Sikkim, people not only celebrate the festivals but also organize social and cultural programs where they dance and celebrate the Sikkim festival. The monasteries are regarded as the repositories of the beautiful wall paintings. These paintings are available all across Sikkim. 

If we talk about the food of Sikkim, Thukpa is a famous noodle-based soup that is cooked with vegetables and meat (optional). Momos are also a popular dish that counts among the list of Sikkimese cuisines. So, never think of missing out on trying these whenever you are in this part of the country. 

What is the list of the vibrant festivals in Sikkim? 

The popular festivals in Sikkim form together to be a part of Sikkim’s cultural life. Thus a planned trip to Sikkim especially to track the famous festivals in Sikkim makes it all the more a lovely place to visit. The Sikkim festivals are colorful and spread joy and happiness among everyone around. The city has a population of Nepalese, Lepchas, Tibetans as well as Indians. 

Here is a list of the Sikkim festivals which are explained vividly here. So, it is wise to check out the list of Sikkim festivals and then plan your Sikkim diaries accordingly. 

Maghe Sankranti: This festival is celebrated on the first day of the 10th month. This is according to the Bikram Sambhat calendar. This festival marks the onset of warm weather. This is a secular Sikkim festival that is celebrated in the state in the middle of January every year. It includes the bathing festival called Makkar. It is such a festival that is celebrated as a part of this festival and also a part of the significant festivals that are held in Sikkim. Multiple cultural and religious festivals are also organized to add glory to the list of cultural festivals. If you are on a trip to Sikkim then these top 10 festivals should be on the list of priority.  

sikkim festival
Maghe Sankranti sikkim festival

Losar: This marks the onset of the Tibetan New Year in the Tibetan calendar. It is a festival that is celebrated by the Tibetan community in the region of Sikkim. This Sikkim festival is celebrated by the Tibetan community. Losar has its origin in the Tibetan word that can be translated to the new year in the English language. It is usually marked by religious ceremonies along with colorful processions. Besides this, the lighting of butter lamps through the traditional dances is marked by this festival. It is one of the best Sikkim festivals which is based on the celebration of the land, harvest, and all local communities. In addition to this Losar is marked with the offering of the roasted barley flour and butter in tribute to the harvest of the coming years.  

sikkim festival
Losar sikkim festival

Saga Dawa: It is an important Buddhist festival celebrated in Sikkim that usually is celebrated in May or June. Through this festival people in Sikkim Lord Buddha’s birthday is celebrated along with the enlightenment. During the Sikkim festival, people perform prayers, meditations and perform dedicated acts of charity. It is the most popular festival full of zeal and fanfare. This festival is a great day for the people who are follo

sikkim festival

Saga Dawa sikkim festival

was of Mahayana Buddhism. The monks visit the monastery in their tribute to Lord Buddha. 

Drukpa Tshechi: As per the Tibetan calendar, the Sikkim festival of Drukpa Tshechi is considered to be an auspicious day celebrated on the 4th day of the 6th month. According to this festival, this festival is usually commemorated between July and August every year. The festival is also celebrated in various other parts of the country. People celebrate the festival with great joy and also organize cultural programs. 

Drukpa Tshechi
Drukpa Tshechi Drukpa Tshechi

Sonam Lochar: Tamang Community celebrates this festival. This festival marks the onset of spring. It is celebrated between January and February. This festival is also celebrated all throughout the village in West Sikkim. This festival lasts for 10 to 15 days. It is thus known as a festival a month-long celebration. It actually depends on the place. Damphu is a percussion instrument used in this festival and people dance to the rhythmic beats. 

Sikkim festival

Saga Dawa Sikkim festival

Losoong festival: This Sikkim festival is celebrated among the traditional folks with rituals and ceremonies. It is an occasion where one gorge upon the Sikkimese cuisines. The day of celebration falls on the 18th day of the 10th lunar month, especially in the month of December. The duration of the festival takes 4 days according to the lunar calendar as per the month of the Tibetan lunar calendar. The monasteries like Rumtek and Tsuklakhang Palace. These festivals form a glorious part of Sikkim tourism. This continues over a week or so. 

Losoong festival Sikkim festival

Chaite Dashain: This is a religious festival for Nepali. It is among the festivals for the Nepali community all over Sikkim and is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama all over the state of Sikkim. This Sikkim festival is one of the most important religious festivals of Sikkim in 2023. It is the perfect time for family members to gather together and enjoy a festive meal. It is held during the months of March and April all across Sikkim. 

Sikkim festival
Chaite Dashain Sikkim festival

Bumchu: This is a Sikkim festival held on the 14th and 15th day of the first month. It is held between February and March. But when in Sikkim, the Tashiding Monastery is also recognized well as one of the most pious places in the state of Sikkim. The festival is one performed by the Lama community where rituals are done by using a pot called BUM by the people of Sikkim. Chu means sacred water which is filled to pray for prosperity and happiness in the forthcoming year ahead. 

Tendong Lho Rum Faot: The legend behind the festival goes like this: Mt. Tendong saved the people of Lepcha during a huge deluge that flooded the Mayel Lyang country in Sikkim. This Sikkim festival acts as an annual thanksgiving to the savior mountain. It is the oldest festival of Sikkim and it is celebrated in the month of August. The story behind the festival is quite evidently popular among folklore. 

Indrajatra Festival: This is a festival that is celebrated by the Nepali community in Sikkim. It is a festival that is marked after the name of the Hindu deity Indra. He is the God of the rain. This festival marks the need for the blessings of Rain God who sits on the huge chariot. People make use of masks and perform classical dance numbers. It is held in the month of September. It is the best time to plan a trip to the Sikkim festival and all other nearby areas. 

Pang Lhabsol: This is an amazing festival which is the oldest Sikkim festival in which the guardian deity of Sikkim is worshiped. This is among the religious festivals which are unique to Sikkim. This commemorates the consecration of Mount Khangchendzonga. It is a common belief among the folk in Sikkim that the mountain God played an active role in introducing Buddhism into this former kingdom. This is an amazing festival that is celebrated on the 15th day of the 7th month of the Tibetan calendar in particular. 

Tihar: This is a festival which is Diwali, the festival of lights but it is celebrated as Tihar. The festival takes 5 days. In this span of 5 days, different animals are worshiped. On the first day of the festival, crows are worshiped followed by dogs on the second day. This amazing festival seems significant when animals of Hindu mythology are worshiped. Thus when you are on the trip to Sikkim, do not miss out on visiting this place where you get to see the festival when every animal is worshiped.  

Hee Bermiok: The Hee Bermiok festival is a popular Sikkim festival organized in Summer. This is a traditional festival that is meant to explore the lifestyle and culture of Sikkim. This traditional festival is meant to showcase the variety of indigenous culture of Sikkim. Here the visitors are served with wine, rice, and all other local delicacies. It is about getting a close look at the Sikkimese culture. It is mainly a food feast. 

Sikkim Summer Festival: Sikkim Summer Festival is a month-long celebration that features the entertainment of cultural shows, local food festivals along with white water rafting along the Teesta River. Sikkimese folk dances by showcasing films on Sikkim tourism. In addition to this, there are exhibitions aside from the stunning shows of the flower by the side of the water. The cultural programs and other events at this Sikkim festival besides water sports events are the special attraction of the sea. This is the triple blessed festival organized in Sikkim where people from all corners of the world participate in it. 

International Garden and Flower Festival: This is the festival known to be the popular Sikkim festival that begins in May at the White Hall in the region of Gangtok.  It is known for its wide variety of herbal products which are known for beautiful herbal products. There are multiple other events that feature the best floral landscape along with the extensive array of gardens meant for retailing products from different parts of the country. This is a grand flower festival where even foreigners also participate to enjoy different kinds of flowers from the different regions and they get amazed at the different types of climate and soils. 

Mangan Music Festival: This is a famous festival celebrated in Sikkim. This is a three-log day music festival which is organized in Mangan. Here you can cheer the brands who are performing life here in public. In fact, the perfect combination of hills, cold weather, and music together make it a great experience to enjoy. It is like tracing the roots of music along the hills. Together it is a great experience to participate in this festival. If you want to experience such kind of music then you are good to go. Move ahead to enjoy the beauty of the amazing festivals in Sikkim.  

Annual Sikkim Paragliding Festival: This is a Sikkim festival that offers the best paragliding experience that one should not miss out on visiting whenever you plan to visit Sikkim in any of the festival months. Here travelers get the best time of their life. This is because here they can experience some of the best range of fun-filled activities. This festival is held in the months of October and November. This is so because these months are perfect to travel for this festival. This festival is organized by Sikkim paragliding adventure sports society. It is among the famous festivals celebrated in Sikkim. Besides this, there are multiple other events in the Sikkim festival. 

What Makes the Sikkim Festival So Popular?  

These are the festivals that are celebrated as a part of the Sikkim festival. The culture and diversity of the state ensure that there are many more festivals as well as celebrations throughout the year by showcasing the bright and colorful heritage of the region.  Sikkim is a beautiful state in the northern part of the country that reflects the religious addition to the cultural diversity of the state. 

What are the other places to visit in Sikkim?

  • Gangtok.
  • Pelling.
  • Lachung.
  • Yumthang.
  • Yuksom.
  • Zuluk. 
  • Namchi.
  • Lachen. 
  • Padamchen.
  • Rishikhola.
  • Ravangla.
  • Khangchendzonga National Park. 
  • Jorethang in south Sikkim

Final Thoughts 

Sikkim festival is performed with full glare and glossy pumps. The gaiety with which it is presented in the Buddhist calendar. There are various sources of festivals that make Sikkim a worthy place of tourist attraction. There are not only colorful festivals but there are age-old festivals that are celebrated with full zeal and energy all over the state of Sikkim.

Many people from all corners of the world gather together in this part of the country to enjoy a colorful and vibrant range of festivals. Gutor Chaam is a dance performed at the Rumtek Monastery which depicts the conflict between all kinds of good and evil. Thus it is advised to plan your journey accordingly so that you can enjoy the festivals of your choice as per the records of the Tibetan calendar. 

Book your tickets to Sikkim today. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Sikkim festival

Q1. Which is the famous festival of Sikkim?

Ans1. Phang Lhabsol is one of the famous festivals in Sikkim. This is held especially to pay tribute to the guardian deity of Sikkim. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 7th month as per the lunar calendar. 

Q2. Which festival is the auspicious festival in Sikkim?

Ans2. Saga Dawa is the auspicious festival in Sikkim. People who are followers of Mahayana form Buddhism. The monks chant holy scriptures, devotees offer butter lamps along with their prayers. With this, they go all around the town wishing people happy Saga Dawa. 

Q3. Name the ethnic groups which are popular in Sikkim

Ans3. The ethnic groups in Sikkim are Lepcha, Bhutia, and Nepali. Besides this, there are many other people who intermingle with each other and stay together by participating in each other’s festivals.

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