The Facets of New Media Art And How Can You Purchase Such Art Online

Technology is constantly growing and creating a substantial impact on our lifestyle. Art is now digitally created, and a computer can do it. Artshoppy is a virtual art gallery. It established in 2016 in Kolkata, India. It’s an online marketplace where we can buy art online. The virtual art galleries attract the huge masses more than the traditional art exhibitions.

What is New Media Art?

The artworks done by electronic media technologies are also known as virtual art. The trend of new media art began to emerge in the mid-twentieth century. This art includes computer graphics, 3D printing, etc. In this twenty-first century, as social media usage has rapidly increased, artists interested in reaching customers and selling their arts online. Digital technologies, multimedia, interactivity, and digital culture are the characteristics of the new media art. The different types of New media art are Virtual art, Software art, Computer Graphics, Glitch art, Telephonic art, Game art, etc.

Some of the famous new media artists are –

  • THOMAS FEUERSTEIN is an Austrian contemporary artist famous for his Installation Art, Sculpture, and Bioart. In the late 1980s, Thomas developed algorithmic and cybernetic art. Hausmusik, Real data Stampede, Manifesto, Post machine, Borgy & Bes are his famous works.
  • HITO STEYERL is a German image artist as well as a filmmaker. Steyerl’s famous works are Lovely Andrea, Red Alert, Liquidity Inc, and Is the Museum Battlefield? Etc.
  • JEFFREY SHAW is well known for his electronic media art. Shaw’s symbolic structures provide both meaning and mystery to pathways through virtuality. We can buy his art online at various websites. Moreover, Jeffrey Shaw’s Compendium shows his work and crafts.
  • ARKA ALAM ARTWORKS is a famous Indian online art gallery where we can buy paintings online in India. Alam’s famous paintings include Tree People, Crow on a Pole, and Seashells Painting.

Impact of new media art on art lovers

The rise of digital technologies and social media has given an excellent choice for artists to sell their artworks quickly and directly to customers. Everyone in this generation is using social media vastly. Art lovers nowadays need not necessarily go to the art exhibitions; instead, they can explore their blogs, sites, and apps virtually and simply select their chosen arts.

On the other hand, the artists can draw digitally instead of using traditional methods like brush and paper. Not only paintings but new media art also includes various aspects. Such as video games, computer animation, cyborg art, etc. In this computer generation, there is no need for the artists to get their work validated in a systematic process. The followers of their social media are proof enough.

How is Artshoppy promoting new media art and artists?

Artshoppy is removing the barrier between the art world and the buyers. Artshoppy exclusively promotes traditional and new media art simultaneously and effectively. The classic and folk arts, such as Pichwani, Madhubani, etc., are also being promoted by Artshoppy, and you can buy art online to display and ingest from folk art.

Artshoppy collaborates with various art galleries, curators, and dealers, which helps in promoting and facilitating the artists. Proudly Artshoppy sells authentic products online at affordable prices and promotes new media art by exposing its huge, authentic, and budget-friendly collection. Since New Media Art is not restricted to a particular medium or genre, you can even buy sculpture online or buy paintings online India by young and upcoming artists.

The Artshoppy promotes its arts through blogs and social media. Artshoppy also publishes e-books about some popular arts and artists. Artshoppy uses social media such as Instagram and Facebook to promote the new media arts.

How can you buy new media art through ARTSHOPPY?

To buy something, some basic steps should follow to save our time and money from online predators.

  1. The seller or the website from whom you are buying must be trustworthy.
  2. The seller should sell you pure and authentic art.
  3. Selection of the suitable art based on the need.

Of various art painting styles, some famous types include Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Expressionism, Realism, etc.

Amid various online art galleries, choosing Artshoppy satisfies you in the best way. They sell outstanding art which they have bought directly from the artists.No mediators are entertain in Artshoppy. Even though you have some best shopping apps. Which sell new media art online, all that matters is your selection. Arts and paintings make you feel peaceful.

Every art speaks to you, which reflects and inspires your thoughts. Not everyone chooses and likes the same art; that’s why Artshoppy has a vast and incredible collection to buy the paintings online. Artshoppy also accepts and delivers the orders in different selected countries.

The procedure to order art online in Artshoppy:

  • Go to the website
  • Browse all the collections carefully and select the best one according to your need.
  • After selecting the desired product, touch the option that allows you to buy now.
  • After your order placed, the website directs you to the payment link. Where you can pay your bill and then wait for the update on delivery.

By following these simple steps. We can buy beautiful sculptures and paintings online.


To summarise things, art is universal and can find everywhere. Art helps us feel relaxed and can stimulate dopamine release in our bodies. We should use the advantages of virtual art galleries and utilise them by buying the arts online.

Open the websites and blogs of art collections and start browsing them, which will become your hobby within no time. Don’t fall prey to online predators by simply trusting unworthy websites. Review the websites and start trusting. Don’t miss a chance to be a customer for good websites. Such as Artshoppy to buy arts online.

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