What Are The Most Common Causes Of Divorce?

The idea of marriage is lovely, but it comes at a high cost. Maintaining the purity of any connection is difficult unless both parties are ready to put in the effort. Such reluctance and lack of compassion frequently cause the divorce process in Australia, which can be brutal. 

According to Dandenong Family Lawyers, there are many explanations for why divorce rates have increased dramatically in recent years. The following is a breakdown of a few of the most common motives for divorce.

Common Causes Of Divorce

Infidelity Or Having An Extramarital Affair

Several relationships have collapsed because of extramarital activities. With the popularity of social media platforms, infidelity doesn’t simply happen in person; it can also happen via Instagram, messages, and various other channels. 

Family Lawyers also claims that every couple has different motivations for why a partner might be unfaithful. Still, for many, adultery is the most profound betrayal they can experience, and it could spell the end of their relationship.

Trouble With Finances

It can result in serious issues if a couple does not agree on managing the money. One of the main reasons people in relationships seek marriage counseling is money-related issues because tension over expenses and income can be very high. 

A shortage of money or simply a difference in the financial contributions made by either spouse might cause power conflicts or asymmetries in the relationship. This may lead to marital issues that are challenging to fix.

Persistent Fighting

Constant arguing is a clear sign among couples undergoing the divorce process in Australia. Many couples in poor relationships frequently repeat the same fights, whether it’s about the kids, the job, the money, or the housework. 

Arguments cannot be resolved, and anger can develop when two parties cannot see each other’s point of view. When a couple can’t agree on anything, divorce may be imminent.

Lack Of Intimacy

We occasionally hear friends say that they and their spouse are “like tenants” or don’t spend much time together. This lack of love can also refer to a strong emotional bond; it need not merely be physical. 

Both members must feel special and cherished for a marriage to be healthy, and if neither partner experiences a connection, the relationship may already be doomed.

Both people must work to make their relationship romantic and intimate. To make your relationship more gratifying, try cultivating small acts of gratitude and physical connection.

Unrealistic Expectations

It’s easy to enter into a marriage with great expectations, wanting both your partner and the union to live up to your ideal.

These demands can be extremely stressful for the other person, leaving you feeling betrayed and setting your partner up for disappointment. One of the causes of divorce can be poor expectation setting.


You might wonder if there is a solid (or acceptable) motive to get divorced if you can connect with any of these typical causes of divorce. There are various perspectives on this.

Selecting the best divorce lawyer, such as Dandenong Lawyers, is one of the best ways to protect yourself. It is wise to leave your marriage if you believe it isn’t doing you any good and is simply causing you pain.

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