What Does It Mean to Feel Beautiful & how to feel Good?

Consider how different your life would be if you could feel beautiful or handsome. (Here, I’ll use “beautiful” for simplicity. Please feel free to use your own description.) Close your eyes for a moment and imagine it.  This is a concept that has different meanings for different people.    You can cultivate whatever meaning it has for you in your life. Continue reading to learn why beauty is good for your health and how to feel beautiful.

Beauty appreciation is a character trait

Certain character strengths are recognised by positive psychology. These are characteristics that we possess and use to live a more fulfilling life. Each of the six primary categories of strengths contains specific strengths within it, for a total of 24-character strengths. Each of us possesses the 24 traits; however, we have them in varying quantities and use them in various ways.

The appreciation of beauty is one of the character strengths identified by positive psychology researchers. Someone with a high level of this personality trait can look through a junkyard and identify aesthetically pleasing objects, shapes, and textures. He or she may not be an artist, but they recognise the potential for creation of something beautifully extraordinary.

We appreciate beauty when we can see the good in the midst of adversity. With this mindset comes the ability to see beyond our problems. It’s a new perspective that inspires hope—belief in new possibilities and in your own ability to create and grow happiness.

Exercise of Self-Care

wear clothes that make me feel cute but comfortable, and keep my face free of makeup.

Whenever I’m wearing a great outfit or after a workout, I’ve showered.

Am well-rested, and my day is planned.

Am physically fit and active, as seen by my dancing or physical activity.

Appreciating Beauty entails seeing one’s own beauty

Appreciating beauty in the world and in others is an essential component of developing mental health. It’s also important to recognise your own beauty.

How did you feel about appreciating your own beauty? Did you shiver? Begin to use negative self-talk and put-downs? We are so quick to judge ourselves. Why is this the case? The answer is too complex to discuss here, but in a nutshell, online counselling we see our flaws before our strengths, we have automatic negative thoughts that interfere with how we Struggles such as anxiety and depression distort the way we see ourselves in a negative way.

Appreciating our own beauty includes our entire being, not just our physical appearance. It’s seeing the best in ourselves and feeling beautiful. It’s an effective way to improve your well-being. Even if the thought is unsettling, here’s how to get started.

5 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Beautiful

  1. Bloom! Be yourself and do what you want without worrying about what the flowers around you are doing.
  2. Put on your costume. What makes you happy? Don it! (Of course, within the parameters of your work or school’s dress code. Also, keep this in perspective. It’s not about the clothes. It is all about wearing whatever makes you feel beautiful.)
  3. Examine yourself in the mirror. You may become fixated on any flaws you perceive and wish to withdraw. Stay true to yourself. online counsellor .Be aware and fully present with yourself. Begin to let go of your judgements and unconditionally love yourself.
  4. Spend time outside in nature.  Develop a sense of oneness and awe: You are a part of this beauty simply by being alive. And you are beautiful because you are alive.

5. Be lovely in everything you do and experience. Being beautiful entails understanding yourself, your values, and the actions you are capable of performing. This is also known as grace, and it means living in the present moment mindfully, free of thoughts.

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