What Makes Welligent EHR Different From Other EHRs?

Cerner vs Welligent EHR Comparison in 2023

If you’re considering purchasing an EHR, you may be wondering what makes Welligent EHR different from its competitors. The features of Welligent EHR/EMR are numerous and include chart management, clinical charting, electronic billing, medication history, patient consent forms, and tracking. This system includes a number of security features, including password protection, encrypted data transfer, and person authentication. Read on to learn more about this program and its many features.

Cloud-based electronic health record system

If you’re looking for a Cloud-based electronic health record system, check out Welligent. The platform features a number of benefits, including a robust feature set and easy customization. You can also expect round-the-clock customer support. However, you’ll have to make do without certain features, such as inter-office messaging, electronic prescribing, electronic claims, or drug & allergy alerts. Also, the platform lacks security features, including password-protected data transfer and user-adjustable access levels.

Welligent is a part of the ContinuumCloud platform, which provides cloud-based EHR solutions to healthcare organizations. Its mobile applications enable providers to manage their patients on the go. Professionals throughout the country utilize Welligent’s comprehensive software, which provides easy scheduling and information collection. It also has clinical documentation, assessment and intake management, billing functionality, and trusted third-party integrations.

Mobile application

With Welligent EHR, medical professionals can manage patients on the go and use the software from anywhere. This solution is flexible and can be used in any size medical practice. It also offers revenue cycle management, and a third party clearinghouse that makes billing and claims processing a breeze. Welligent’s intuitive platform enables users to create custom intake screens, forms, and reports, and manage billing and clinical processes.

The Welligent EHR mobile application offers the same features and functionality as the desktop version, but is optimized for mobile devices. The application can manage patient information and schedules, as well as document data. The mobile application syncs with the desktop version of Welligent EHR when the user has internet access. Using the application while on the go makes patient management easier, and you can stay on top of everything you need to know. You can also read about Kareo EHR software at Software Finder.

Ability to bill 3rd party payers

The ability to bill third-party payers is one of the most important features of Welligent EHR. The solution is flexible enough to suit the needs of many medical practices, ranging from small practices to large organizations with multiple locations. The platform also includes features like practice management, scheduling, audit trail, and document management. Lastly, the system offers features that make it easy to integrate into an existing practice management system.

As a leading provider of electronic health records for behavioral health practitioners, Welligent offers a comprehensive suite of revenue-cycle management features, including the ability to bill third-party payers. Welligent integrates with Change Healthcare, a third-party clearinghouse, to make billing and claim processing easy. Users can also write electronic prescriptions, request lab orders, and view remittance advice. Despite the simplicity of Welligent’s billing software, its experienced billing staff is on hand to help with any claim rejections.

Continuum integration

If you are considering moving to cloud computing, you might want to explore Welligent’s EHR Continuum integration. This software offers a wide range of clinical, financial, and administrative features for healthcare providers. With its comprehensive features, Welligent is ideal for behavioral health and substance abuse practices nationwide. The system includes features such as call tracking, appointment scheduling, alerts, documenting, and revenue cycle management. The integrated third-party clearinghouse, Change Healthcare, makes it easy to submit claims, write electronic prescriptions, request lab orders, and view remittance advice. Additionally, well-trained billing professionals can help correct claims if needed.

With Welligent’s ContinuumCloud integration, Omni Visions, a large multi-state provider, has chosen to use the platform. The move will streamline workflows and improve client service. Welligent and ContinuumCloud will continue to offer the same high-quality products and services. If you are interested in learning more about these health IT solutions, read the following. You can get started today by visiting our site.

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